BC FIX Furniture Film

BC FIX Furniture Film

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BC Fix Furniture Film

We at Brite Coatings manufacture a Do-It-Yourself gamut of Furniture Films, under the brand-name BC Fix Furniture Film. Especially developed for the furniture industry, these Films are also perfect for end-use by customers. They are coated with adhesive at the bottom so as to have direct stick on the application, and they come in various finishes. When applied to furniture, doors, cabinetry and consoles, these decorative Furniture Films create durable & beautiful finishes.

These Films are very convenient, allow easy and quick installation unalike the laminates on which adhesive is applied separately. Easy to store, they can be used to provide a certain look to the furniture or to change the look of existing furniture.

Applicable On:

MDF Boards, Plywood, Acrylic/Plastic Sheets, Furniture, Doors, Consoles and Cabinetry.

Salient Features:

  • A wide range of globally accepted, printed & embossed patterns is available.
  • Perfect for indoor & outdoor use, due to permanent pressure sensitive adhesive coating.
  • The Adhesive bonds strongly with the surface.
  • BC FIX Furniture Film is flexible and thus can be used on the curved surfaces.
  • Highly durable material, which is termite & water proof.
  • Provide protection from scratches, and increases the life of the original surface.
  • Easy self-installation.
  • Available in width up to 50 inches and in length of 50, 100, or 150 meters.